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My Recent Travels
Covington, KY | Phoenix, AZ | Buffalo, NY | Yorkshire, England | Dallas, TX | Chicago, IL |
Tokyo, Japan | Georgia | Lyons, France | Bolivia | Paris, France | Bangkok, Thailand | Israel


My class at the Kentucky WOCP 2005 school in Covington, KY.


My class at the 2005 Southwest Porcelain Pow Wow in Phoenix, AZ.

[Above and Below]
Some of the teachers at the 2005 Southwest Porcelain Pow Wow in Phoenix, AZ.

[Above and Below] Helping students in class at the Southwest Porcelain Pow Wow in Phoenix.



With some painters from Switzerland
at the 2005 WOCP international show in Buffalo, NY.

With painters from Brazil (see their flag!)
at the 2005 WOCP international show in Buffalo, NY.

With Joann and Kathy, the owners of Rynne China Company
at the 2005 WOCP international show in Buffalo, NY.

With Jimmy from Mr and Mrs China Co from Dallas, TX
at the 2005 WOCP International show in Buffalo, NY.

With Andrew Orr, a terrific painter from Vermont,
at my booth at the Buffalo, NY show, Oct. 2005

The students in a class at a seminar I taught in Buffalo, NY.


Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England

Dallas, Texas



Chicago seminar. Pictured with me are Helen Hammond, Jean Helm and Alzora "Bischoff" Zaremba

Tokyo, Japan!

Left to right- Nobuko Okamoto, Kaori Ito, Paula Collins

Yumiko Okumura and I by a bouquet of sugar roses.
Who says you can't eat the centerpiece?

With Akemi Aida.

Sapporo, on the northern island of Hokkaido, is Japan's winter resort capital.
Here I am in front of the Hotel Clubby... convenient to the Sapporo Factory Mall!

My class at the Meissen Museum in Sapporo, Japan.

A class in Tokyo.

Another class at the Prince Hotel in Tokyo.



With Filipe from Portugal and Corinna Siu from Hong Kong

Visitors from Japan!

These ladies visited our shoppe in Marion, KY for a seminar in February, 2009


Peter Faust from Switzerland, Cheri Holder from Houston
and myself at the Georgia show in May!


Lyons, France

Paula with Caffy, a French artist trained in Limoges factory.
Taken at the show in Lyon, France

Paula with the great German husband and wife painting duo,
Joerg and Petra Kugelmeier at the convention in Lyon, France!

Cheri Holder from Houston joining in the fun
with Joerg & Petra Kugelmeier at the convention in Lyon, France



Paris, France

Outside the Sevres National Ceramic Museum in Paris


With Meghan at Sevres... wouldn't this go perfectly in the store window in Marion?

With artist Sylvia Beythoun

With the head painter from Sevres Museum

With Benoist Chapel and Helen Caputo. In 2011, I taught in their school in Nice.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Elevator Selfie!

Class in Thailand

The exhibition hall in Thailand.

One of Paula's student in Bangkok turned out to be an Indian film star!

With the winner of the competition.

Paula (third from right) accepting honors from the aide of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Paula (seated, far left) with HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, second in line to the Thai throne, March 2015.



Paula with Class in Israel

Paula with Anat in her studio in Israel.

Hadas Nestel, an Israeli Flamenco Dancer

Paula with a Catholic Priest in Nazareth.

Shopping in the Old City!

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